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Marina Update August 2017

Sunset Marina Key West

August 19 2017 — Hi Everyone..

Thanks for all your patience while we complete the journey to taking over the management of the marina and ships store here at Sunset Marina. My crew and I have everyone to thank for being so supportive during this very confusing time of growth and re direction. We are coming into our slower months here in Key West so we might be able to get a grip on all of it while things are slowed a bit.

The parking thing is still an issue for all of us and will be over eventually and we will be left with a very pretty spot to keep our boats.

Parking update..
August 19th The Easement is open till the 30th of this month.
Closed on the 31st of august through the 14th of September.
Please make the proper arrangements while the construction ensues.

Please, if you see me, don’t hesitate to ask me a question.. But don’t kill the messenger..

thanks for everyones cooperation.

Check back from time to time to see whats happening.

Capt. Steven Lamp
Dream Catcher Enterprises / Sunset Marina Ships Store
Dream Catcher Charters


Marina Update August 2017

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