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Tarpon Feeding Key West

feed the tarpon key west

Feed The Tarpon Key West

Its no secret the Florida Keys and Key West are the capitol of the world for tarpon fishing. Here at Sunset Marina we have something almost better. We feed tarpon by hand right from our docks here behind our Ships Store. Year round we have a cast of tarpon characters that hang out right around our filet tables waiting for a handout. There are sometimes 30 – 200 tarpon ranging in size from 10lbs to 150 lbs. These tarpon are our resident pets and they never get fished for that makes them trusting souls to the folks who come here to feed them. Its great fun and a blast for the kids and anyone who loves to feed fish.

Our own little aquarium right here in Key West.

Goliath Grouper
The Goliath Grouper. AKA JewFish. Is a protected species of grouper that lives in Florida Waters.

We also have other species that make a nice collection of fish that are visible right from our dock and you can hand feed them.

Goliath groupers. There are two goliath groupers that sit in wait under the tarpon while we feed them. They come out after a little while of feeding, especially when our Key West reef fishing boats come back and filet their catch at the end of the day.

Sharks are common too. We have many large nurse sharks that join in on the tarpon feeding frenzy competing for a snack. Just wait. After a little while you will probably see a big bull shark coming through to make some waves in and among the tarpon. The tarpon generally give the bull sharks right of way. Rightly so.

Our marina is frequently visited by the graceful manatee. These gentle giants often come in looking for fresh water and enjoy the peaceful area in the South basin. Although manatees are here year round. sightings are most frequent in the late fall through the entire winter.

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